BeLit’s Class of 2022


Congratulations to Beyond Literacy’s Class of 2022!


Download the Class of 2022 Virtual Yearbook HERE!


Thank you to our sponsors for helping make our first in-person Graduation Celebration EXTRA special for our grads!

Special thanks to Jessika Faulkner and her team for surprising our graduates with Phantastic gifts, courtesy of

Thank you to our Cum Laude Sponsors

Denise Cifeli

Enrico Crispo

Ashley & Ray Del Bianco

Alison DiFlorio

Mary Flournoy

Barbara Halpern

Dinesh Indala

Julie Jones

Peggy Leinkuhler

Ivy McDaniels

Carol Saline

Marion Sindoni

Kyle Straub

Bob Young


Picture Perfect Moments From Our Graduation Celebration!

Click the arrows located on the left and right of the image to scroll through pictures from our graduation event on June 24th at Dilworth Park at City Hall.


What Our Graduates Say

Earning my Diploma was important to me because I wanted to show my children that it’s never to late to accomplish a goal.”

Bettina Dillard

Class of 2022 HSE Graduate

My advice is to let whatever you think is holding you back, fuel you forward. Fight those doubts and insecurities with study and a clear vision of your future.”

David Logan

Class of 2022 HSE & Workforce Graduate

When I arrived in the United States, I spoke very little English and I couldn’t communicate with native speakers at all. Fortunately, I found the ESL program at Beyond Literacy. I encourage everyone who is taking the ESL class to keep going on with the program.”

Po Lin Chow

Class of 2022 English Language Graduate

Completing this program helped me improve my English-speaking skills a lot. I believe that it is the first step for me to achieve the GED Certificate. I learned many things that I don’t know about myself and about how my future would be. I feel like I learned more about life in America.”

Leah Tran

Class of 2022 English Language Graduate

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