Our pre-apprenticeship programs and partnerships align to in-demand jobs including middle- and high-wage careers with Pennsylvania’s largest green energy and utilities providers.

In a city where 50% of adults read and comprehend at a 5th grade level or below, BeLit breaks barriers by providing instruction and work-ready skills in a supportive environment. Through fast-track, high-impact learning, we equip all adults with the 21st Century skills needed to earn employment in family-sustaining jobs.

BeLit prepares adult learners with classroom instruction, and portable, nationally recognized credentials that help future-proof our City’s workforce.

This program is designed to equip learners with hands-on experience in the trades while simultaneously gaining their GED through Beyond Literacy.

Our pre-apprenticeship programs directly address:

  • Educational inequalities related to access, class, and race
  • Unemployment, skills gaps, and economic mobility
  • Digital equity (connectivity, technology, & digital literacy training)
  • Out-of-school youth
  • Incarceration and recidivism


More About Our Program:


Earn 5 Industry Certifications


Obtain your GED or High School Equivalency


Weekly In-Person Classes


Gain Interview and Peer Mentor Skills


What Our Learners Say

The Pre-Apprenticeship Program has been awesome. It’s different having people so willing to help. The BeLit program is a network of people with the same energy that want to help you.

William Johnson

Current BeLit Learner

I joined BeLit’s GED and Pre-Apprenticeship program and earned my GED in less than a month with high scores in every subject. I also gained five different certifications in their pre-apprenticeship trade program. 

Jen Marenbach

2023 GED and Workforce Graduate

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