English Language Learning

Many immigrants and refugees coming to Philadelphia have escaped great hardships, poverty, and unrest for safety, and seek freedom and better economic opportunities. Our learners range from having experienced little to no schooling to being accomplished professionals in their homeland.

Our Learners often struggle to access vital services due to language and cultural barriers. Beyond Literacy helps our students improve their English skills while learning about U.S culture, daily life, civics, and history.

Beyond Literacy’s Family Literacy program serves immigrant families with limited English proficiency, helping children in kindergarten through third grade read on grade level and equipping families with the skills, tools, and confidence to support their children’s learning.


Our services include:


English as a Second Language (ESL)


ESL Family Literacy


U.S. Citizenship Classes & Civics


What Our Learners Say

“My teachers got to know me right away. They learned my strengths and weaknesses and put together a plan for how I could improve. I could not have made it on my own.”

Comfort Melibe

Class of 2020

“Excellent place to reinforce your work skills, improve your weaknesses and overcome your language barriers. Exceptional work team, a group of dynamic and friendly people that gives you confidence and security from the first day they meet you.”

Heidy Katiuska Luis Borrero

2020 Learner

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